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September 17, 2009  -  Engagements

cait + bill

Cait and Bill were trying to figure out where to do their e-shoot and decided that since they're at the dog park every week that it would be a pretty good place to do their shoot. Rich and I had never been there before, and it was pretty awesome. There were a bunch of stone structures to play with and the light was absolutely perfect. We had a fantastic time with Cait, Bill and their amazing dog Apollo (whom we totally have to get together with ours for a doggie play date!).

Rich, you killed this shot. We were going through our photos last night, and Rich turned to me and said, "Bill has really kind eyes." And I kind of jumped and clapped because he so ridiculously right. Bill, you do! You have kind eyes!
The light in the park was just sick, and I know it's probably gross that those little flecks are bugs (I think poor Cait took a few for the team!) but I think it was just such a pretty, pretty spot. Bugs and all :)
Those bugs probably won't make it through our final edit :) The park was old Ellicott Creek Park, which is a little island. I love that every couple weeks we're still finding new places to go and shoot (and take the family for a picnic before the weather turns!).
We walked over a hill in the park and saw THIS. We don't know if maybe it used to be picnic shelter or place to warm up in the winter - but how good is having a veritable ruin of a building just hanging out, waiting to be part of shoot?....and, of course, you know how we roll...we put people on things.
And then Apollo kindof couldn't stand not being near his parents - and doggie in the window.
...and doggie trying to climb the wall.
Okay, chatty! I like the bugs - I'm totally keeping them! Anyway, yeah, this crumbly whatever was super fun, so we played with it for a while.
Oh right, like you don't sometimes hand me the laptop and you've written at least five sections in a row!
The light was just right, so we went back and forth between the crumbly whatever and some gorgeous fields.
I really appreciate when couples don't mind me getting up in their grills for a shot or two. Cait - you look amazing.
I loved this one...
So do I - the structure was perfect for a little light-augmentation.
So, we're in here photographing, and Apollo disappears for a few minutes and shows back up like this :) Dogs are awesome :) Apollo was found wandering in the woods in Tennessee, and a local rescue group picked him up because he was at a kill-shelter, and he found his way into Cait and Bill's hearts. And he really is one of the most sweet dogs we've ever shot!
Having an all-white dog is probably a lot like how we have an all-white carpet in our living room and a three year old. Lots of trees + a setting, Fall sun + just a little touch of vintage post-processing = win.
I was ridiculously happy with this. I believe I clapped :)
And this might be my favorite of the day...
My take on the family portrait...and, wait for it, Alyssa very literally "up-staging" me...
:) I need a talking head person with a big, shit-eating grin on my face.
Do you know how we get such great reactions from our couples? Rich tells a story about our dog eating squirrels. It kills! (I also need a sarcastic-looking head! Like me rolling my eyes at you)
We were supposed to have about 20 different "heads" for the blog, but then our photoshoot with each other devolved and in the interest of continuing to work together, we have three...and we only use one of them, maybe two - don't forget you do have an angryface and a fishface. This is my fishface - I don't think I've ever used it before....anyway, this is rad. We figured we should give BIll and little love...
See what I'm saying about the man's eyes? Instant trust.
We incorporate dogs fairly regularly into our shoots, and usually they act like dogs, but Apollo was seriously the perfect dog to shoot. We were like, everyone up on this ledge, and he was like, okay! Woof!
Are you kidding me Apollo?? Cuteness times seven.
We ended our shoot on the bridge leading off the mini island...great shoot, guys. This time of year things are going really well and our couples and families, etc keep us going. Thanks, Cait and Bill and we'll see you at the park! Tell 'em how great they look in the comments, okay?

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September 14, 2009  -  Portraits

tammy + josh

Tammy and Josh hollered at us a while back to do an e-shoot together - we weren't able to shoot their wedding, but they still wanted to do a little funky couple's session around Buffalo. We wanted to get this post up before the Bills game, but we got suckered in, so this'll probably be a little short tonight as it's late, and we've each had our hearts stomped on tonight. I'm going to lead with this shot of mine that might be one of my favorites ever...
I love that! Hey - we all saw the Bills game coming. Pure brutality, though. You know they're going to lose that game and then something happens that makes you believe it's going to actually happen..and then no. I think I may have lost some followers on twitter last night for some pretty egregious profanity. Anyway, back to this post...

Tammy and Josh are totally chill. They met in person for the first time at Spot, so it was only natural that we start there for our shoot.
And how much did she kill it?? Seriously, she's gorgeous!
I love how the wall divides this shot in half...
We played around with mostly urban backgrounds - Tammy said Josh loves graffiti, which our super clean city really doesn't have too much off, but we played around with some of the buildings downtown.

Completely off topic, those Jimmy Dean guy-in-a-sun-costume commercials are really awesome. Seriously, they just make me so happy.
Ha! I love it when we write blog posts while watching tv :). I would really like to say we're watching more football to forget the Bills loss, but no - my lovely wife has put on the Oxygen network #fml.
This wall of ivy was a huge win along the ave as we headed over to a bookstore t + j love.
Pride and Prejudice is awesome, so shush. Tammy wanted something different because she and Josh are both the artistic types - he's a designer and she's a poet, and they do frequent book stores a bit, so we popped in and the fine, fine folks at Rust Belt Books down on Allen let us play around for a bit.
Books = awesome!
Okay, so this is totally how I want to decorate our entire house - a wall of records? Check!
The Pink - enough said. I bet you a lot of sorrows are being drowned there tonight.
I still don't understand why it's purple.
or why it doesn't have a sign? It doesn't need a sign - it's the Pink! Anyway, since we had headed down Allen, we decided to hit up Day's Park to mix up the feel of the shoot a little. Tammy and Josh even salsa danced for us,,,which has nothing to do with this photo, but I had to mention it. I think they're mid dance in the above pic. Oh - and did you actually write "books = awesome" or is that the Blue talking?
Tammy and Josh saw this super fun caterpillar, so, clearly, we had to take a picture of it. And since they're engaged... well, we really stretch the imagination over here with ring shots :) Anyway, we need to go crash and sleep off our soul-crushing 1-point loss, so thank you both - you guys are awesome and are going to have an amazing wedding (and even more amazing photos - we can't wait to see them!). Thank you for hanging out with us all morning!!

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