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September 30, 2010  -  Engagements

stefanie + peter

Gooooooooood mooooorning, blog! True story, Adrian Cronauer was supposed to speak to my graduating journalism class at DINFOS (I was honor graduate of the broadcasting class, ahem) but for some reason it didn't work out. I'm still kindof bummed about that.

Anyway, that randomness aside - and you're going to be able to tell I've had three cups of coffee this morning to make up for the fact we worked on photos until midnight last night because we couldn't wait to post all this stuff before the coming weekend's wedding caught us un-blogged - meet Stefanie and Peter.

They came to the shoot dressed super pro - and they so are. Unfortunately for the Buffalo area, they've moved on to a fast-paced life in the DC metro, but they're coming home to have a really kick-ass wedding next year (I'm not going to reveal any surprises in case they're supposed to be big surprises - but if you know them, and you're invited - the reception is going to be epitastical in its ginormitude).

Yeah, the reception is going to be killer. (dork) When they told us what they were planning, I don't think I closed my mouth for a few minutes - I dorked out hard. We had a great time running around with these two right up till we lost the sun, which aways makes for some super fun silhouettes!
It's sad - I cannot remember who was the speaker at ours. But the class before us got someone cool, too (whom I can also not place right now). However, Buzz Armstrong came to my middle school to speak, and I totally remember being a completely unimpressed 11 year old. I was pretty disappointed our school could only afford the second guy to walk on the moon. Things like that are pretty wasted on kids. :)
That's pretty amazing. Our school got Dan Jansen. Drawing a blank? Yep - it's the guy who fell twice while speed-skating in the Olympics like the friggin same day his sister died. Which is incredibly rough. And then, four years later he came back and won gold. Which, is awesome. It's a great story of personal and sporting triumph after adversity - but we were all like,'s recess?

Killer one, hon :) Thank you, F. L. Olmsted, you rock to this day :)
I was not a fan of recess - probably because I got my head stuck in the witch's hat and was hanging by my neck until the new boy I totally was crushing on, Tom (who lived next door to a wedding we shot last summer... sigh, fourth grade crushes!), had to come and save me which was ultimately embarrassing, and I believe I spent the rest of the year's recess standing around trying to make up for my incredible lack of coolness by standing around and attempting to not be the biggest loser ever. How did we get on grade school memories, anyway?!

Wall of yellow flowers (okay, they're probably weeds, and I know that, but they're still pretty!)? Win!
Weeds are flowers, too!

I battled for this one to go on the blog. Alyssa has been loathe to put ones of us working on here for a while (which I always liked - the ones of us hanging from tree limbs or straddling staircases or

HOLY SHIT - Murphy just ran up to me (we're in his room blogging) and said "They made me special." So, I bit - "Who made you special, Murphy?"



Sorry about that, I don't use twitter or facebook right now, due to excessive working, so this is my last place to over-share my child.

where was I - oh, this next photo. Never have I randomly taken a shot and been like, "Well this is the e-shoot in a nutshell" - Stefanie and Alyssa and going to town, making gorgeous frames...and me and Peter? Well, here we are :) - I'm not going to say that we're just accessories - but, we are.
Ha! Not at all! Guys are important too... but I do tend to focus on my brides :) How can I not, though? Look at that killer smile!

So, now Murphy's convinced we picked him up from Ikea, and Rich is like, no - you came from Mommy's belly. I asked him - that's silly, what makes more sense, that you came out of my belly or from Ikea? Ikea. :)
Crap - that does make more sense...He DOES like playing with hex wrenches and he is certainly pale enough to be Scandinavian....

And my favorite frame:
Gorgeous frame, babe - my fav of yours. Definitely!
Cheers :) Okay, so Murphy and Alyssa just ran off to the kitchen to make cake balls, so it's just me and the guinea pigs from here on in. Near the end of the shoot, as it was getting duskier, we headed over to Canisius for a few. I kindof wish I could go back in time and go to high school at that place - awesome facility and everyone I ever talk to about it loves it/loved going to school there. The new buildings look incredible.
You two are really good together - I know we say that kindof stuff a lot - but it's true.
I'm back from cake balls just in time to wrap up :) S + P - you guys were amazing. Thank you so much for giving us some time while you were in town. We had a great time shooting you, and can't wait to see you guys again at the wedding!

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September 28, 2010  -  Engagements

sabrina + joe

Today has been nuts - waking up early to go to an appointment at the VA, then prenatal with the midwife, trying to get the car fixed, then a ton of editing, blogging, some shooting with a great couple and now here we are past 9 - still working - but this is going to be a great way to cap off the night before we pass out and do it all again tomorrow.

Part of it is that I'm personally still discovering a lot about my adopted home of Buffalo, but I think a lot of us who live here kindof mentally gloss over (in our daily lives, anyway) this awesome body of water we live right next to. I've gone weeks at a time this summer without coming anywhere near the lake. Something I'm promising myself from here on in is that our family takes greater advantage of it, at least for recreational purposes. Some of the work the city/county/whoever has been doing with the outer harbor is really pretty fantastic...

We headed down that way with Sabrina and Joe and, well, you know we really, really like the people we work with...and these two are freaking adorable.
Yeah - I loved this session. We did an early morning session, which I totally love, but we don't do all that often because, well, it's early :) The light is just so gorgeous as it comes up and this morning was no exception.

This shot = prolly my fav.
Sabrina + Joe were totally cool doing the early thing as they were going to Scranton (which I can't hear anything about without being like, yeah, Scranton is awesome!). But doing the early thing meant we got to watch the sunrise. Yeah, sunrise = FTW. Love it.
Wow - totally nice! And, like ten minutes from downtown. Oh hey, tall grass...
Yeah, I can't help myself :) I love that this shoot has the windswept feel - I don't know if I'm just noticing the wind because it's fall and picked up or if I just ignored it all summer and it was there, but I'm loving playing with the wind lately. Is that dorky? Yeah, prolly...
Eh, if we're not ourselves (i.e. dorks, geeks, wannabe homesteading hippies, etc) what point would there be in us "talking" on the blog? I get it - and I've noticed it, too. I want to say it's because the wind does seem to pick up here a little more in the fal - but I don't know if that's true or not. I know it was fall when our storm windows got blown in last year, so there's that. That sucks, by the way. Nothing like watching tv at night, cuddling during a storm, and then having glass fly by you.
Love this, babe! I looked over while you were editing and this one was up on your screen, and I just did a heeeelll yeah! Love it!
Hah - you made me take it - so you get the credit I think :). Seriously, guys, she was like, "I want this kind of shot with the three trees and whatnot but I don't want to have to walk my pregnant ass back over after I take it."

I'm personally partial to how this one worked out. This new lens I've been playing with makes me feel super tall when I shoot down with it. I mean, I like the photo, too - but I also like feeling tall.
Now THAT is pretty - you guys looked damn good together. You know that?
So, we were totally joking about how some very awesome national photographers are into this completely out-of-focus look lately, and I pulled this just as I joke, but now I'm kind of in love with it :) Ah well, I guess the hipsters are hipsters for a reason - it does look kinda rad :)
Eh, needs way more grain. :) In all seriousness, I've seen that stuff pulled off really, really well (and poorly, sure). I think that whole conversation started because you caught me taking a photo of a leaf or something dumb and I was adamant I was "making art" and you should hold the hell on. Hah :).
Muwhahaha! I got a bird. Seriously, I must've spent 20 minutes of this shoot rushing Sabrina + Joe into position to try and get a cool shot with a bird in it, and I was having a miserable go of it, but then I was like, well, I can't quit this because I've invested too much time into it (we once watched this nature show where they guy had been trying to film a specific animal's hunt for three years, and we were like, how does that happen? At what point don't you just say, ah well... well, now I get that guy hanging out in the bush for three straight years!) to NOT get it, so I finally got one I was stoked with! :)

Sabrina + Joe - I hope your wedding trip was awesome and you got to find the Scranton sign. You guys were awesome, and we loved shooting you! Thanks, again!!

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