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September 30, 2009  -  Weddings

megan + q + back to blogging!

Okay, the rains this week have slowed down the amount of shoots we needed to process, and since Megan has been soooo ridiculously patient, we pulled through her images today to bring her wedding post to life!
I started over with the girls at Megan's folks' house with Frank from 17 Video Production. Anyone who comes here occasionally knows we love the Franks - they are awesome and do a great product, and we love working with them.
I almost cut this photo from the post a few times, but Rich said he really, really liked this one, so I kept it.
What? A mirror? :)
So, Megan is adorable and cute and was so together the whole day, but this moment as we pulled up to the church was the only moment she was very clearly anxious. Which is funny - I really didn't think she was going to get nervous at all!
Q was most definitely cool (and hello, blog, we missed ya).
We love churches with accessible balconies.
Okay, seriously those two sentences took Rich, like, twenty minutes to write because he's totally into SYTYCD! Haha! Anyway, this photo is totally out of order (it's immediately post kiss), but we're doing this kind of fast (well, *I* am) so we can get back to editing this evening. Anyway, totally great shot, babe!
Wow - hardcore dime dropping on the blog. I may have chosen to watch something else, but I haven't selected what goes on the tv since 2004. Thanks, though :)
Favorite of yours - I love how you can ride that edge of shutter speed. Well, okay, favorite of yours until the "double guns" shot here in a sec...
Oh, you don't get to watch what you want, huh? Just let me try to turn the tv off Glee right now!
Probably my favorite of the day. Q, sir, you are awesome!
Megan and Q wanted to swing by their house before we headed off to do photos to visit with their two dogs. I love, love, love this shot. Even better, that dog was supposed to be a chihuahua. :)
This one is a chihuahua - I'm not a small dog fan, per se, but I might let you dress up our dogs if they were tiny (no joke, people, I caught Ayssa discussing the PetEdge catalog with Murphy today looking at sweaters that would fit one of our 75 pound mutts).
It was not a sweater. It was a hoodie. TOTALLY different!
We headed over to a bike path in Williamsville to do their bridal party shots. It's the Lehigh depot/bike path whatever, and they're setting up some train tracks because they're going to bring in a caboose. Totally sweet, right? So we get them there (they let us choose the location), Megan started spazzing and was like, "Did you guys know my dad is a train conductor?!!" Yes :) We are totally that awesome. :)
What the heck - the not-so-standard ring shot...
Aaand, this is where they'll park the caboose - probably making it an even more kick-ass impromptu photo spot.
I really dig watching a guy get used to his ring for the first time...hope it's tight. Someday we'll share the story of what happened to my ring, it
s pretty brutal...get a tight ring, fellas.
So the reception was at Marinaccio's in Williamsville and M + Q pulled the ol' switcheroo on the cake face smash, dealing it out to their best man and maid of honor. awesome.
I adored that. And I adore that everyone at Megan + Q's party was so chill at this reception that they probably could've dropped cake in any number of their guests faces and not been bothered. The MOH and Best Man were so cool about it. Seriously awesome.
And then some dancing occurred. Holy crap, let me re-phrase that, some sweat-dripping-from-the-ceiling, wild-as-hell partying occurred. The first dances were incredibly sweet before the party broke out. Seriously, it was an incredibly fun reception.
My favorite...
Yeah, it really was a pretty spectacular party. But how can it not be with a guy like Q leading it - seriously, best. garter. removal. ever. Are those rock-on hands I see between Q +M?
Megan went a little different on the bouquet - she held a bunch of loose flowers like they were a bouquet and surprised everyone when she threw them back. A ton of people each got a flower, and the one with a charm was the "winner."
Great party, and goodnight everybody - we have a crapload of blog posts coming up from our break to get up here....stay tuned. Thanks, M + Q, we had a great day with you guys and we'll the rest of your photos ready very soon.

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