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October 29, 2009  -  Weddings

brianna + brian

We headed over to Rochester for Brian and Brianna's wedding, and I had a few different detail shots pulled for the blog, but Murphy insisted this one was to go on, so we're going to start you with a really random bracelet shot, courtesy of Murphy's choosing.
Murph does like "helping" with the blog these days - and with editing - and with everything else in the studio. Mostly he likes bowling with rolls of 120 film and the tennis balls we use to keep our c-stands from scratching the floor. It's a good time....
The guys were getting ready at B + B's new house they had just closed on (congrats on that, too, guys!). Brianna hadn't spent the night or anything there yet, so Brian was hanging curtains, making up the bed, laying rose petals around - pretty rad stuff. Like, they really got to do the old school carry-across-the-threshold thing!
Brianna put her dress on in her family's living room which was super full of light that I was LOVING!
The church had this waiting room, and this mirror was killing me! I don't know what every place on Earth doesn't have a funky, freestanding mirror for brides to check themselves out it.
And my favorite shot of the day! I saw that I might get the chance to take this photo and was waiting with my camera ready, when Rich walked over and started lifting his camera to his face. I was like, oh no, this is my shot, get out of here! We're stupidly competitive some times, but there was no way I was letting him take my awesome shot I'd been waiting and waiting for, and I love it!
This is Brianna's family's church, and I loved the layout in here (and light!). It was pretty ridiculously fun to shoot in.
Great access, too. A lot of churches you just can't get anywhere near the couple during the ceremony without being "that guy" and we are never "that guy" at a wedding. The less we're seen, the better,
Yeah, I definitely dig the ... hexagonal, octagonal... whatever shape it is that has pews you can see the bride and groom from, churches!
It was raining and cold and generally, disgustingly nasty out, but bride and groom and wedding party were totally cool with things and took us to this AWESOME little water fall and park. When we're operating over in Rochester and beyond, we really trust our clients since there are so many places we haven't shot yet. Green umbrella? Yep, still getting PLENTY of action this fall. I think Brian was getting his Mary Poppins on or something, here...had to include it!
It's funny - the leaves turned much later than I'd expected this year... especially considering how crummy the weather's been, but Brian and Brianna's wedding was the first where it really, truly felt like fall! It was gorgeous!!
So, Brian and Brianna did candy apple name tags. Genius, right?! It totally inspired me to make some caramel apples with the boy that week. He ate the caramel, Rich ate an apple, and I was the only one who ate the whole thing, unfestive punks I live with!
My favorite shot, most definitely.
Yeah - I love that. And I loved that midway through their bridal party dance of That's What Friends Are For, they busted into this classic!!
So - here's a pretty smart thing to do at a wedding. Get a bunch of fun hats and carnival-style masks from the Oriental Trading Company for all the guests. It's definitely not something I'd ever thought about it (some DJs have props, but nothing on this scale with something for everyone) - but it got a TON of people on the dance floor immediately. There's just something about getting to be a little goofy that breaks down any barriers to boogie-ing...and you don't have to wait until Uncle Joe's fourth cocktail kicks in.
Yeah, we couldn't decide if everyone rushed the dance floor because they were the group that would have done that anyway (most groups take a few songs to get dancing) or because the silliness made them a little less self conscious of their dance skills... but we couldn't help but be like, that was genius!! the whole ride home.
There was a pretty major scrum for the garter...
It was a really fun party. Guys, thank you so much for having us with you. You guys are awesome, and we were so thrilled to be there for you!!

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