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April 27, 2010  -  Weddings

christine + erik

One of the hallmarks of an excellent wedding day is an extremely chill bride. A bride who is only concerned with one thing - getting married. That sounds dumb, right? I mean, everyone is concerned with getting married on their wedding day. What I mean is some brides aren't worried about anything that could go wrong at all, just so long as they get to say "yes" to the guy they want to be with the rest of their life. A wedding day typically means a lot of details, a lot of planning and preparation and a lot of relatively loose ends. Sometimes it can be a forest-for-the-trees kind of day. But not for our Saturday heroine, her relaxed attitude and warmth easily makes Christine one of our favorite brides of all time.

Take it away, make-up/salon photos!
Rich is over here laughing at himself. "I just wrote that - take it away, salon photos! Hehehe." And you were mocking my Transformers band-aid at the salon.

Can I just say, hello, gorgeous? Seriously, you were stunning, Christine!!
I wasn't really mocking the Transformers bandaid per se - I know how it goes, we have a three-year-old, I'm sure I'll end up with a spongebob bandaid on my neck at some point from a shaving cut. I like going to the salon with you, by the way - I just wish you wouldn't kick my ass so hard! I was going through what we got for the blog, and I thought I had decent stuff from the morning - but, no, you definitely had some excellent stuff going on...
Aw, thank you :) We sure were B&W happy for this post, huh babe?

(Oh crap - Rich is yelling, "By the power of Greyskull! I. AM. HE-MAN!!" He knows better than to be in nerd-mode while we're writing this, because I'm not going to not tell you all that he's yelling ridiculous things. Well, of course, I mean, ridiculous if he were 20, let alone ancient.")
Really? Look, I was sword-fighting with the boy and I busted that out and got the blankest, "what the hell is wrong with my dad" look I've ever gotten. Kids these days don't respect the classics.

Anyway, yeah, you know how I feel about black and white images - I love them pretty much all of the time. I could definitely shoot black and white for an entire wedding day and be completely happy with that.
Ok, so rarely do I fall in love with a family so instantaneously. I was around the flower girl for about 20 seconds before I was like, this girl is the coolest. She's totally borrowing Christine's ring - "Is it a REAL diamond?!" she says. Love it!
And then it was time to limo over to the church!
Her brothers getting her ready to walk down the aisle...
I love in-church moments! I thought the priest might try to hit me with his thurible - he wasn't the friendliest priest ever ;) - but I managed to get close for a few.
You totally just wrote that simply to throw out "thurible" in a sentence. Seriously, we should have the boy pick a random word that we have to insert into a blog post and see who can do it the most effortlessly.

Meow, what do you think of that idea?
Meow that you mention it, that sounds like a great idea. Meow.

You = killin it. And I mean "you" as in C + E - pure happiness :)
I was so stoked to do these photos - these two are so ridiculously cute together, and I could photo them every weekend!!
My favorite...
So, we finished up photos, and the bridal folks took a break before the reception while Rich and I setup and took some reception detail shots. We went back into the room, and I about lost it - this is the sweetest thing I've ever seen, and I just adore these two!
Christine made these gorgeous programs. I am so ridiculously impressed with people who can do details like this!
And we had to show off the program, too, since they didn't actually make it to the church. Did Christine care? "Eh" was her response, I believe - see what I mean?!? Epically chill and happy to be getting hitched.
Truly, it's a shame these two families don't know how to have any fun. :) This was absolutely one of the most fun dance crowds I've ever seen. There wasn't one song that the dance floor wasn't slammed for. Love these families!!
Not every day you get belly-dancing at your reception, right? Um.....
Or twins nailing, "Thriller!"
Great day, great times - we're very, very happy we got to spend your wedding day with you and all of your family and friends. We're damned lucky to have met you and gotten to be around all that joy. Hope you guys are having a great honeymoon!!
To see more of Christine + Erik's wedding day, click here for their slideshow! (head's up to those of you at work - these things have music!)

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