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June 29, 2010  -  Engagements

priya + fraser

We've been quiet on the blog-front since last week because we were in New Orleans!! We headed down Thursday for Priya + Fraser's wedding weekend of awesomeness, and I was totally nervous - we had never met them before. However, it turns out, they happen to be the most rad, friendly, kind and funny people you'll ever meet, and they made shooting them so ridiculously easy.
Definitely nervous! I still get nervous every time we go and shoot, especially with new city + new clients + big expectations. Luckily it's freaking New Orleans and we were rolling the minute we started shooting. Priya and Fraser are the kind of couple that, when we ask them if they're comfortable with a little PDA, not only do they laugh and start kissing - but they don't STOP kissing. It was an amazing way to start our long weekend away, and it put us right at ease and even more excited for the wedding reception (yes, Priya and Fraser are already married - they just wanted to head down to NOLA from Philadelphia and party for their reception!).

Also, it was 93 while we were shooting and about 110% humidity. I'll never, ever, ever, ever bitch about shooting in the dry, freezing cold of a Buffalo winter again.
And how amazing are these two that not only are they not bothered by the heat, they also managed to have fun in it?!
Let's put it this way - we almost didn't bring home any of the clothes we wore on the trip. We would take our drenched clothes off in the evening and they'd STILL be damp in the morning.

This couple, though - man, we had a good time!
I'd never been to New Orleans before, and on the shoot, Priya asked if I'd noticed the horse-head thingies. I said I hadn't, and about five seconds later, we ran into some - then I couldn't stop noticing them the rest of the trip. But there was so much else going on in the city that the last thing I'd paid attention to, at that point, was the road-blocker thingies (I really have no idea what they are called, so sorry for sounding like an idiot!).
A hitching post? Anyway - the city was pretty rad. We stayed down in the French Quarter where it's pure insanity every single night. I can't even fathom what Mardi Gras must be like - we went strolling around on a Thursday evening and every bar and all the streets were completely packed, beads flying everywhere from the balconies. It's something you just kindof have to see to believe.

Also - I really dig this one!
Yeah - it's definitely insane. We were out eating dinner one night, and these two couples walked in, sat at the bar, and then one pulled her shirt up. At, like, 5 in the evening. But it was cool to get to see - (not the thing at the bar, the French Quarter!) I really couldn't get over the architecture, and I'm not even a giant architecture nerd, but the area is just absolutely gorgeous. :)
We also hit up the waterfront a bit, as well, which has some more modern buildings, the aquarium, etc., and this random cool sculpture!
Hah!! I had totally forgotten about this set. :)
This is definitely my favorite of yours, babe... love this.
Thanks! I was PSYCHED when I saw what you'd gotten. This was one of those shoots where it's a lot of fun to go back through everything when pulling photos for the blog. I was trying to explain to Fraser why we try to work through our images so quickly and, for me, it's a way to stay excited about what we've just shot and I think it lets us be more critical of ourselves, which is pretty important. I already can't wait to post the reception photos tomorrow evening.
My favorite of yours - sick!
Gah, and the courtyards... yeah, I cannot get over these. Someday, I will get my dream home that will totally have a courtyard like this. So good. :) Anyway, we'll be back tomorrow with Priya + Fraser's awesome reception!!

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