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August 20, 2010  -  Engagements

kristen + brandon

Aaaaaand, we're back. It's late as all get out on a Friday evening before a wedding and here we are posting photos on our blog. We're kind of wild and crazy like that. Our nuts wedding shooting schedule is making our summer fly by. We had so many plans and places we wanted to go and things we wanted to do - and now it's almost September and we're down to something like ten weddings left this year and we haven't done a tenth of the things we wanted to do and said we were going to do. I swear we were shooting brides in the snow like two days ago, too. We're taking pretty much all of November and December off this year, though, and we can't wait. That's going to be our summer and our time to woodshed and rebuild and get better.

So, we had a pretty bad-ass shoot with Kristen and Brandon earlier this week, hi-lighted not just by some new places to shoot but a really amazing surprise courtesy of our awesome'll see here in a second.

But first off, my favorite frame, Alyssa. I saw you playing with this one as we were trying out some new processing techniques and I still just freaking love it...great stuff :)

Thanks - I was pretty stoked with that one, too :) Kristen was just about as adorable as I could've asked for.
So, Kristen pulled some massive strings and got us on to the Buffalo Fire Department ship, the Edward M. Cotter. She's 110 years old and awesome. We always say that the location doesn't really matter, but man is it fun to get new places, especially when they're as rad as this!
Heck yes :) It's no secret I'm kindof a huge fan of any sort of boat or watercraft, and I don't recall we've ever gotten to shoot on one before (our old jobs, excluding, of course). I think this was my favorite of the whole shoot. I absolutely love how Kristen laughs with Brandon.
We also wandered around the surrounding neighborhood as the sun was getting just about perfect. And we were totally right by the General Mills plant. Weirdest thing ever - I have never, ever, ever smelled anything aside from Cheerios being made, and while we were wandering around, some sort of cinnamon delishesness was floating in the air (Cinnamon Toast Crunch, perhaps?), and my stomach just about ate itself. I know everyone is proud of the city smelling like Cheerios and all, but if it could smell like that cinnamon all the time, I would be a much more pleasant person. It was just about amazing.
Alyssa just said, as I stared at the tv instead of typing on the laptop, "I gave you an opening to talk about cereal..." Sooooooo, I like cereal? What the hell, Alyssa?

Anyway - we do need to hurry this up because I just promised Kristen on our facebook page we would have this posted by 11 at the latest. Let's get on with it!
There's nothing quite like laying on this crazy steel bridge and your wife sortof nonchalantly mentioning there's a giant truck about to run you over. It's cool though, got the shot. And HOLD THE PHONE - Alyssa, did you just flip the channel from the roast of David Hasselhoff to a show called "Left at the Altar"?? What the hell is wrong with television??
It was a commercial break! Clearly, I'm not going to not come back to David Hasselhoff's roast - I love these stupid things.
Oh look! A overgrown, grassy... um, field... :) But it looks gorgeous, huh :)
Thank you - that one really worked out, huh? I might get that one printed - we need some new stuff on the studio walls :).
For real, though - why is Hulk Hogan wearing a boa?
hah! I don't know - because, as a child of the 80s and 90s, he's still completely awesome??

I think this little section of Buffalo might quickly become my favorite, random place to shoot....
...but the boat was really kick-ass. Thank you so much for hooking that up, Kristen! We have some really cool stuff to show you for the sesh :).
Yeah, it was a really, really fun area to shoot - you guys were awesome. Thank you so much for being so rad - we had a blast, and hope you guys are having a blast on your vacation!

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