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September 30, 2010  -  Engagements

mindy + phil

Yeah, we're having another marathon day on the blog - we had a ton of portraits this week, and we don't want to get behind, so we have a busy blog today :) Our second up was Mindy + Phil. It was totally supposed to rain on their shoot, but it wasn't 100% definite, and Mindy wanted to go ahead anyway, so we did, and we got through 95% of the shoot before it started doing this crazy misty rain on us, which I was actually thrilled it did, because we got this shot which is absolutely one of my favorites in a very long time. I believe I started cursing uncontrollably when we took it, and Mindy was like, "huh, I think we got a good one." :) Yeah, that's kind of an understatement. I love, love, love, love, love this shot.
I love everything about this shoot. I know Phil started out by hating that he was having his photo taken (ladies, make your guy read this one) but we know EXACTLY what that's like, kindof hating to have our photo taken ourselves, but by the end of the shoot we were all just rocking. Mindy, on the other hand, was on from frame one :).
Mindy has been teaching for a while now, and she has first grade this year - and when we met her at her school (Phil proposed there, and it's just a huge, happy part of Mindy's life) she had had her kids make a book for us about things we needed to remember to take care of our new baby when he/she arrives. It was epic - apparently the overriding thing the kids all thought we needed to remember was to feed the baby :). A couple kids said we needed to remember to give it lots of love, but the other kids were much more practical about what we needed to do. Mindy, you made our day so much. And thank you, kids!!! We put the book right in the studio - best thing ever.

Also, kids, if you're reading this (I know, first graders are pretty advanced these days), please don't judge or emulate our grammar or sentence structure. It's early and we're not really "on" with the writing thing quite yet.
Seriously, that was the cutest thing ever. Rich and I were totally cracking up - thank you, Mindy. Your kids are so rad.

And, see, Phil - it wasn't that bad, was it? You guys look amazing!!
I get so mad when I see Rich taking a shot that I didn't think of (but wish I had!), like this one. At the moment of this frame, I'm out in the hall on the left pouting that he's doing this. But it's awesome (as is Mindy's school - I don't know about yours, but mine did definitely not have smart boards or amazing wood trim like that!).
Smart boards = make me want to be a teacher in an awesome district. For real.

And Chestnut Ridge? That just makes me want it to snow. I assume it's because we've done so much in the snow there and with those big toboggan runs being the first thing you see when you drive up, etc....but now that's it's actually feeling like Fall, I just want to get on to fun, winter stuff and have it be cold.
Oh, let's not rush it - fall is hands down the best season here. I can't wait to go to some fall festivals. Besides, when it's been snowing for five months, you'll be desperate to be back into the summer :)

And another from the misty rain - I don't normally like putting two very similar shots on the blog, but today I am because I'm so smitten with these. Rich - you were so smart to light this this way. You rock!
Eh, just light. I knew the mist would pick it up all funky - I'm just a light stand with a slight, slight amount of intuition. You shot it and Mindy and Phil could've cared less to be standing out in the rain, which is the earmark of a great couple to shoot, really :)
Also - Mindy's school's playground = best playground ever.
So, I know I had a couple teachers change last names in my school as I was growing up, and it was always weird to process - and so Mindy has an adorable countdown calendar in her classroom to her new name for the kids to get ready for the switch. That's pretty awesome.
Everything about Mindy's classroom is awesome - I forgot how cool grade school was. Also, I believe this was the first shoot I've ever directed a guy by saying, "Can you look off toward the Handwriting Hall of Fame?" :)
I forgot about that! Easily the strangest thing (It was in context, given where we were :) ) direction-wise I've ever heard you say to a couple.
It was about this point in the shoot when Mindy was like, "Oh, I should probably take these Silly Bandz off." Being a first-grade teacher is awesome.
It's a lot of hard work, too. I subbed in an elementary school in Baltimore a bunch before I enlisted and first graders were pretty rewarding, but you have to be ON every single day. Mindy, like all elementary school teachers are big difference makers in our world and I know all her kids are lucky to have her - almost as lucky as we are to have Mindy and Phil as our clients. Funny aside as I wrap up - Phil is involved with the private investigation world and Alyssa said, while editing, "You know, if Phil came to my door to question me I think it would go something like this: 'I didn do nuthinohshitokaythebody'sinthebasement'"

Thanks, guys!!

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