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October 28, 2010  -  Weddings

jenny + nick


Okay, I'm good. Got it out of my system. We're still shooting our asses off trying to beat the onslaught of winter weather we're sure to see soon, but hitting the mark of our last wedding of 2010 is pretty special. We've been trying to have a second kid for a couple of years now and this year we got serious enough to block off our winter because, dammit, we wanted another kid. So we didn't take any weddings for November-February, basically. Now that things are working out, and we're expecting, this winter means not only that we're going to have our first significant lay-off since we started shooting weddings but we're going to have to get the house ready for the as-yet-unnamed number two, spend a ton of quality time with Murphy and generally just be really happy that we're lucky enough to be having another kid. We don't take it for granted at all, and we're really excited.

This year was also a big one for us. We felt like instead of incessantly trying to grow our business, it grew into us and things became much more organic, or even fluid, in terms of our creative and business processes. Running a business can really suck, and it has sucked at times - but this year was really good for us and we're already excited that next year is going to be even better.

So, anyway: tl;dr, we're stoked it's the end of October. Personally, I read a LOT of blogs - and if it's a photo-related blog that has a huge text header....yeah, I'm probably not reading it - so if you actually made it through my blathering, thanks, and now on to the signature witty banter and self-deprecating nerdery.

We really had a hell of a day at Jenny and Nick's wedding on Saturday and, once again, I'm glad I don't do the selecting - because this one was a tough one to choose (no, I'm not just saying that). I wanted this wedding to be somewhat of a culmination of everything we've grown through this year and I think it turned to be that and then some.

Alyssa? This is DOPE:
Thanks :) We were really looking forward to Jenny + Nick's day - not just because it was the end of our season, but Jenny + Nick had changed their original wedding date to work with us, and that's just crazy. For real - I can't think of anything more flattering than that, and we were honored that a fellow photographer/art teacher wanted us there to capture her day. We also knew that because she's an art geek like us, she would kill the details. Oh, and how she did.
On our way to the church, Jenny said how completely not nervous/stressed/anything she was. Jenny's sister said that it was probably because they'd been together so long (between 8-10 years - no one really remembers, though) - that she always remembered Nick in their lives. Nick's sister agreed - she didn't remember a time before Jenny. So, as cool, collected, not nervous and ready to go into this next natural part of their lives, it kind of caught me off guard how choked up Jenny got. Which, I won't lie, had me a little misty behind my camera. Perfect grab, babe!
Psh, I just released the shutter - Nick had the "perfect grab" there. It was great. I mean, just like you said. Most weddings are stunning in the sense of what's really being promised and what giant, positive intentions are there between a couple. And it's true, some people seem kindof jaded by their wedding day. I guess that can be because they've been a couple since the Bills were good or maybe because the sheer magnitude of the stress that can surround a big-time wedding day. Or maybe, more likely, they'e not emotional cripples like I am. Weddings get me. Big time. I think we lost our wedding video a while back (ahem "lost" it, yeah) but if it ever pops up somewhere, I probably come off as a cross between Nancy Kerrigan post-kneebeatdown and that kid on YouTube who just wanted us all to leave Britney alone.

I should really put a limit on the numer of times I admit to crying in public. I really only cry when Alyssa makes me.

Okay - a.) I don't know that any of our couples were even born when the Bills were good, but I get your point. b.) Nancy Kerrigan?! Can you date yourself any more, old man? (Oh, I'm sorry - did that start the water works?:) )

Jenny + Nick had been writing us for a couple weeks about a contingency plan for the weather. We told them the usual - they could book one of a few places as a backup, but after they had booked then got kicked out of the Ellicott Square Building for some political thingy and everywhere else wasn't going to work, we went to our next best plan. Hey! It's not supposed to rain - it's going to be perfect! No worries! Saturday had a 10% chance of rain with it being like 150% Friday, Sunday, Monday, etc... so, we were like, we're golden. It was warm and perfect... until the girls got in the limo to go to the church when it started pouring. Yeeeaaaah, so much for that. But because we are the luckiest folk ever, as we pulled up and were supposed to do their first look, the rain stopped. Right after they saw each other and had about 10 minutes together to prepare for the wedding, the skies opened up again and in rained pretty much the rest of the day (until midway through our portraits - I told you, we're the luckiest folk ever!).
Rich was like, I can't believe you picked this for the blog. Whatever, I love it - he's being all arty :) And I told him Jenny would love it, too, because she's an artist. Or she'll be like, WTF, that's terrible. F.

F indeed - Look, I've been looking around the country of wedding photography lately and this hip thing to do is to slip an out-of-focus frame in there - maybe even next to the same frame compositionally, just IN focus (like "No, really - that one was art, but I CAN focus a camera!). Shit, I shoot Canon - this isn't art - it's just every fifth frame when I'm in servo. I'm kiddin (sortof - fix your bodies big C. love, rich), I have been messing around with trying to be weirdly fun and make imperfect photos that are appealing. I dunno - I don't really shoot for the blog, I try to shoot for a story and the blog is just whatever randomly gets grabbed from a thousand frames.

Jenny - I got some really cool stuff from the "fence series" - you're gonna be stoked we dragged you guys under that overpass during a torrential downpour. No one drags people under overpasses and shoots them quite like us. Hey - a challenger for new NCS slogan appears!
Um, okay, so when you guys watch the slideshow, the frame that is out of focus directly before the frame that is the same, compositionally, but in focus, well, I guess you'll realize who puts together the slideshows :) Thanks for mocking me publicly, babe :)

But yeah - because we couldn't go anywhere during the rainstorm, we headed to one of the very few porches with cover the city has to offer. Which was apparently every other photog in Buffalo's idea too, so we ditched pretty fast and went for the overpass. We just can't be like everyone else :) But then after about 15 minutes under the overpass, the rain stopped and we got to rock some pretty awesome shots before heading to the reception. Major win.
And you probably picked up that we were in good ol' St. Louis. I like that place. Father Sal is awesome - his helper guy for, that guy's spring is wound a little too tight. Nevertheless, the ceremony was perfect, as it always is.
Huh - I like that we started doing the blog in pretty random order, but old habits die hard, hon. I was ready to see more portrait stuff post-ceremony, and here we are back at Nick's parents' house getting ready. I don't get to take many arty things when the guys are getting ready, so a darkish room and a bare bulb was pretty money.

Also, you know that one Seal song, "Kiss from a rose"?? Nick's best man bet us all the line was "Like a kiss from a rose on the grey" - Now we all grew up with the first Batman movie (I'm 31, dammit, an I'm not about to die of heart failure here, despite your 30-year-old ass calling me old constantly) and that song we all hated as kids, but what the HELL is a "kiss from a rose on the grey?" I always though the last word was "grave" which still doesn't make for decent songwriting, but it's at least halfway understandable.

That's been bugging me all week.
I know - pretty much instantly after I got to the church, you were like, what does Seal say? I thought you were weird... well,I guess that's not a shocker. So, can I say how much I loved the makeup setup? For real - mirrors, mirrors, mirrors :) Win.

Also, you can tell it's our last wedding blog of the season because I'm not all like, Rich - hurry up and stop talking about Seal, I don't want to be blogging during Project Runway! Not that I'm watching tonight anyway (It's the Great Pumpkin, 8 p.m.!) because this season was terrible. For real, maybe the worst season ever. Gretchen's clothes are gross - they keep calling it "crunchy-granola" but I've known a zillion hippies, and am a little myself, and no one I know would ever put on those frumpy, old, gross shapeless nasties she calls fashion. And I get it, Michael C. put rhinestones on his to dress it up, but at least the clothes didn't look like they came off my grandma in the 80s. Actually, that's not fair. My grandma would've never worn anything that awful. Anyway, point is, I don't even mind you rambling on nonsense about Seal.
And that's what makes a marriage last, people - the ability to tune out your spouse :P Even when you share pretty much every waking moment of every day and even have to chat about work on your wedding photography blogsite.
I just love these - I was really a stress monster the last run of weddings and it's been really rewarding to feel like we got these "right" and start to release some of that manic energy that's been driving me nuts. We got to end the year on a really spectacular run of couples who made their weddings beautiful, not just with the dresses and flowers and detail and whatnot, but beautiful in that they were all really, really in love and they got married. The wedding is great, but getting married is the real thing.

Congrats, guys, you did it and you did it spectacularly.
Aww :) Okay, so the details I was talking about up top? Jenny's bouquet had these rad, rad orchids in them - I couldn't get over how neat they looked... also...
Pie. A pie bar/rustic country reception - loved it. Watch her slideshow for more of her ridiculously awesome reception details - for real, rad, rad job you guys. Anyway, we promised you two this before dinner, so, well, I hope you eat late, because we rambled tonight, but you guys are so rad - thank you for having us with you. You two are amazing and your wedding was perfect.

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