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November 4, 2010  -  Engagements

chelsea + jay

So, this is ridiculous, but we totally got to do another morning shoot this week! I was so excited to shoot Chelsea + Jay - we're dangerously close to losing our leaves, especially after those crazy winds last week, but there was surprisingly more leaf-age going on than I'd anticipated. While we were shooting, leaves just kept falling down around Chelsea + Jay, and it was just a crazy awesome fall morning.

Except, of course, that as we left the house to head over, we walked across the crunchy, frosty grass. It was cold - to the point we had to take a mid-shoot car warm up break, but even so Chelsea + Jay killed this shoot.
I spent about 20 minutes at the beginning of our shoot trying to get a shot with them with some leaves falling down around them, and it wasn't happening, so finally I gave up. When the light started doing this all kinds of delicious amazingness, I asked them to go hang out here - and this was the second frame I shot. So, I got my falling leaves :)
I'm sure c + j are relieved, too. Me kicking a tree trunk while hiding behind said tree trunk was EXACTLY how they probably envisioned their e-shoot going down.

Okay - I'm going to try and keep this straight, but I may need help in the comment section. Chelsea knew Natalie (two posts below) way back when they worked together - Natalie knows Fred of "Alyssa + Fred" four posts ago, frequent-commenter and 2011 bride, Gretchen grew up with Laura from two posts ago.

Basically - this town is ridiculous. If we got ten of our couples together - 8 of them would be friends - and at least 4 of them would be related.
That's just this town - crazy :) And yes, part of the 20 minutes, after I got frustrated that I wasn't getting the leaves that were falling (picture leaves falling, so we go hang out under the tree they're falling from, then they stop, so we move, then I get one, but it's directly in front of Chelsea's face... I got frustrated but didn't want to not get it, so I may have had Rich run in, kick a tree, and run out. :)
It's funny - when we were shooting, Chelsea was nervous about a serious face - and I get it - when we have had our photos done, I hated how I looked with a serious face. I look really stern, and Chelsea was like, me too! So, I was going through the shoot expecting her serious face to come off more stern, but dude, you're full of it - you look STUNNING with your serious face!
The sunrise was incredible. The circulation in my hands is a huge mess, but it's very, very worth it for this kind of shoot.
Gorgeous :)
Thanks - I really dug that one :)

Yeah, after we got home we started googling heated gloves... we need something for this year. All I know is if you ask me to change your lenses again this year, I'm going to lose it. Seriously, we had one shoot last year that was so cold, Rich couldn't touch the metal on the lens and kept coming over to me asking to change his - it was really pathetic :)
Hey - pathetic because you got frostbite once and your hands are now eff'd in the cold is endearing, right?
This is too ridiculously adorable - not a set up, Jay just randomly was being the best boy ever and carrying Chelsea around. I'm not entirely sure why MY boy doesn't carry me around all the time... I am way too awesome for walking.
I've been looking into a rickshaw for when we go to the co-op.
See???? You guys did GREAT!
This was a really good one, guys. There a bunch of photos that I friggin loved that didn't get selected. One in particular I already bet I'm going to be fighting for to go into our end-of-the-year posts. We will do end-of-the-year posts with our favorites, but not until the end of December. We've got a few more shoots here and there and we're kindof fried right now.

So, folks, that's it for us in November. We might post some personal stuff - work on some projects, etc, but we're pretty much shutting down the studio for the rest of the month and sending off gear for cleaning, and generally game planning for 2011. Oh, and RELAXING for a little bit before the holidays.

Thanks again, everybody, for what an incredible wedding season it was.

See ya soon!

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