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November 4, 2010  -  Portraits

keri + josh + leni + leo

I don't really have any regrets about our brand of wedding photography and how we do our thing, other than with our crazy summer wedding schedule we don't get to photograph nearly enough families. Taking photographs of kids is awesome and wild and there's just no telling what's going to happen - which is something we thrive on.

Speaking of kid randomness, Alyssa is sitting here with me in Murphy's room as we knock out a couple blog posts and he just announced, "Now I'm going to check your heart rate," and I just said, "Hon, you might want to turn around - he just picked up a shield and he's wielding a golf club in the other hand." Apparently, Alyssa's heart rate was, precisely measured, "One percent point eleven," as measures by a plastic golf club and a shield. Then he picked up a toy shovel to check if his mother was bleeding. Zero percent bleeding was reported. Probably kindof like going to the doctor in Uruguay, actually, just without the Hep-C.

See - that kind of stuff if what you life becomes about. It's theater of the absurd and it's awesome and loving and hard and easy and there's just nothing like it.

I love photographing families, particularly now that ours is growing and I feel kindof like an actual, no-shit adult for the first time in my life.

So anyway - and this is why Alyssa has got to stop me when I want to start a blog post, I ramble for way too long - we got to shoot with Keri and Josh and their amazing kiddos, Leni and Leo a couple days ago and it was just everything.

They were hoping to get together for a few shots for their Christmas cards, and right as we started shooting, Rich said, "man, I love shooting them - I feel like we can do whatever we want." And that might sound silly - like, we're wielding the cameras - we SHOULD be doing whatever we want, but we walk a fine line between wanting to push the things we do creatively and making sure we still produce lots of photos like we have on the blog - you know, why you guys come to us in the first place. :) But when we get together with our friends to snap some shots, we can push those norms - so it's always really fun to shoot them - oh, and they're also one of the most stylish and awesome families of sweet and gorgeous kids ever. So, there's always that, too.
Yeah, and we've also gotten to grow with this rad fam - I should dig up some of the first frames we got to shoot of Leni from Keri and Josh's wedding back in the day. She was TINY - and just a month younger than Murph. We felt pretty special they chose us to shoot their wedding when we were very much the new kids in town, and I still feel pretty special every time they choose us for their family portraits.
Maybe my favorite photo from a family shoot ever.
Yeah - I totally dig. It's funny - we were really looking forward to shooting these guys, and on our way out, we totally got a flat tire and spent 30 minutes on the side of the road (I won't even begin to say how long of it was us trying to figure out how to get the wrench off the jack), but it was really cold, and we were shooting in the evening (and they'd been running around at the farm while we were swearing on the side of the road), so I thought that we'd get maybe 20 minutes of shooting in before the kids lost it. And I can't even begin to explain how rad these kids are - they lasted until we lost the light. They are maybe the two most well behaved kids I've ever met.
So, Josh put Leni up in this window, and it's crazy - Leo was pointing and leaning toward her. Even as little as he still is, he wants to do literally everything Leni does. It's the cutest thing ever. There was no way we were walking away without him getting to sit in window too :)
Oh yeah - the instant we got home I put my truck's floor jack in the back of the Saturn. The jack stands they put in modern cars are a complete fricking joke and it was like a mensa brain puzzle trying to get the damned handle to extend. Of course, after getting the tire patched the next morning, I immediately got rear-ended at Gates Circle and I think the alignment I had done less than a week and a half ago is out again. Good times. It's been kindof a dumb week. The dog had a broken tooth that had to be extracted, the tire thing, the chimney basically collapsed, the kitchen sink backed up. It's a damned good thing we're taking some serious time off after some final work this weekend. I'm going to need to it just to fix broken crap.

Anyway - all my bitching aside, you're 100 percent right. It's tough to be parents - it's even tougher to be good parents. To be amazing parents who have incredible, charming and well-behaved kids? You guys kick serious ass.

and you make uber cute ones, too...
I don't know how all second kids aren't stunt men - seriously, when Murph was this age, there's no way he would've thought to climb a fence, let alone tried it - that sibling influence has got to cause more heart attacks in parents...
I love that in the very, very corner of this photo you can see Leo pointing to the construction truck (forgive my ignorance, the one with the giant shovel on the front) just out of the frame. I guess it was kind of cruel of us to stop there to take this shot when there was an epically awesome truck to go see :)
He was as excited about the fence as anything.
And he had a lion hat. Question: why is this so damned cute on a little kiddo, but if I tried to wear a beat-ass lion hat I'd probably get a D-cell in the grape? I kindof want a lion hat to go with my winter beard.
Please don't do that.
Of course, we couldn't go hang out at the truck without sticking the kids in the wheels...
Guys - you know we think you're awesome. Thanks for freezing with us. You guys rock. :)

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