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January 10, 2011  -  Engagements

colleen + andrew

"You know, you guys were the ones that WANTED to do this" - Andrew

So, here we are. It's Buffalo. It's winter. It's colder than a polar bear's testes. And here we are out shooting with a couple who we want to actually LIKE us on their wedding day. Smart move, us.

Yeah - probably not our brightest move. But the thing is, we ARE from Buffalo. It does snow here, kind of a lot, and it's fun. I mean, people getting their engagement portraits done in Southern California have the choice of warm beachy weather or warm beachy weather - wait, that was supposed to sound not as awesome as it does... but I embrace our snow - it's different.

We were talking to a friend of ours out in Portland, and we assumed it would be about the same weather there - nope, no snow. And I just can't imagine winter without it. So, I love that we get to do snowy e-shoots. Yeah, it might be slightly cold (at the end of our shoot, Andrew said, "I would laugh at that, but I can't feel my face."), but there's something about the winter that brings me immediately back to being a kid and having fun, and I love that in a shoot.
Absolutely - and winter here is weird. We get these warm spells sometimes where everything will melt for a week, and it sucks. When it's winter here, I want it to look like winter and stay snowy. This past weekend we got our first outdoor skating in and did some of our first sledding, too. I've only been here about five years now, but I love winter.

Fun fact: I just got to feel our baby having the hiccups.

After we got going, Colleen and Andrew and the two of us had FUN. I mean, maybe they were lying and just said they were having fun - but I think we had fun :).
So, our kid currently having the hiccups is not exactly what I would consider a "fun" fact. I'd go more with an annoying and seemingly unending fact. But that's just me.

Also - I had fun on this shoot, but I would go ahead and not put words in Colleen + Andrew's mouths. Seriously, they're probably just now regaining feeling in their feet (and this shoot was Friday). I think it's easier for us to have fun since we're moving around, carrying a bunch of gear and our super rad couple is sitting still in the snow (above), and being held hostage for an extra 15 minutes after we told them they could go back to their warm car because we got distracted and found more stuff to shoot with (below). :)
Also, deer.
hah - I was just counseled that the things I could say about Alyssa and the deer could get me in a bunch of spousal trouble. So, suffice it to say, Alyssa made a friend and we may or may not have almost gotten our wallets and gear stolen by the above doe.
Also, you may now refer to me as the Deer Whisperer. Here's the thing though, I think deer are really cool. Rich insists they are big rats, and maybe it's because they are the largest animal I've ever seen "in the wild" (that just seemed too nerdy to say without quotes) - with the exception of a bear crossing the road in WV which is on my list of top 5 coolest things I've ever seen - (yup, sad life, and crazy long run-on sentence), but there is something just so neat about them to me.

I get it - I grew up on Grand Island where there was a herd that regularly came into our yard, but seeing a deer is still a really cool thing to me. So, that we were that close to deer made me a little insanely nerdy. But then I started thinking about the time my sister got mauled in the deer pen at Marineland (side note: does anyone else remember throwing mini marshmallows at the bear there? And why did no vets in the 90s think that was maybe a terrible idea? Andrew says they had to stop because all the bear were getting cavities - ha!) and got a little uncomfortable with how close we were to nature, but it was still pretty awesome.

Have we mentioned how rad you guys were to shoot? Seriously, thank you for putting up with our ridiculousness and still absolutely just killing these shots!
True, true. My favorite:
Yes, yes - Colleen + Andrew are adorable. And now for something completely different!
Alright, we're back from that random bird interlude with some more of Colleen being adorable. Seriously, I think she definitely holds the record for most laughter during a shoot. It's funny - when we get folks laughing, I pretty much use every frame I shoot of them laughing because I think it's the most genuine smile there is, and I could've given these two a good 500 frames from this shoot. They clearly have a lot of fun, and I love that.

I like to think that's the best part of us as a couple - that we have the same sense of humor, and I think it's my favorite thing about spending time with you - your ability to make me laugh.
Or they were laughing at our ridiculous directions?? I'm just sayin...:)

Here's Colleen all serious and stuff...and very, very pretty.
That's highly probable...
Guys - you were so much fun to shoot. Thank you for putting up with us and at least pretending to be moderately okay with being outside while it was that cold :) You guys rocked, and we can't wait for the wedding!

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