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May 31, 2011  -  Weddings

teresa + dave

Admittedly, we're behind on the blog. I kinda thought this would happen with bambino #2, but we're not too far behind, so we'll be playing catch up in the next week. And I think after that we'll be right back on our normal schedule for the rest of the summer. Anyway, lots of blog posts coming! We had two weddings this weekend and two last (plus a couple of portrait shoots!), so we're on our second wedding from last week, the epically awesome Teresa + Dave.
Buffalo wedding photos at Albright Knox
Let me just talk about about the detail in the middle of these detail shots - the cool branchy pin? Yeah, Dave did that :) It was his gift to Teresa, and I thought it was pretty epic that he designed that for her. For our wedding, Rich got the ever amazing gift of marrying me. I do what I can :)
I don't know why the topic of wedding gifts has been coming up so much lately. Some brides and grooms do that, some don't. And some grooms do it hysterically. Do you remember the wedding where the groom gave the bride candles that he took from their house and wrapped in tin foil?
Yes, yes I do :) Can I just say how much I love shooting in trolleys? Of course, I understand the appeal for a nice, tinted windowed limo, but from a shooting perspective, I lurv that all that light!
Also? I love your Dave's missing torso shot :) Totally fun :) (I'm smiley face happy today, sorry about that. I swear, I'm really not a 12 year old. LOL, LMAO, [what else do the kids say these days? BRB - that's probably way late 90s, huh? I'm so old I just pulled a gray hair off my shirt. It was clearly yours, Rich.])
If I had hair, yes, it might be gray. But it all fell out when I turned 25. Thanks for bringing it up. Speaking of light, we shot in a great little church we'd never been in before, Holy Spirit RC up off of Delaware.

It goes without saying I was really into this couple. Teresa is one of the sweetest brides I've ever met while doing this job and Dave is a lucky dude (and vice versa, because Dave is also one hell of a great guy). But they know that - I just feel like we were pretty damned lucky they chose us for their wedding day. We couldn't have been happier shooting you guys.
Teresa and Dave used to have date nights every Friday at the Albright Knox, so we headed there for some wedding party photos after the ceremony. And, completely amazingly, we didn't have to fight for space with four other bridal parties. I generally like to avoid the wedding photo mecca of the land of the white columns because you can sometimes wait for 30 or 45 minutes just to get near the museum, but when it works out - it can be pretty awesome-looking.
Yeah, I was pretty shocked there was only one other limo when we arrived since there's usually a line of at least four. But since the museum was a special place for them, we went, and it was like the universe had their back. :)
After we shot there for a while, we headed over to the 20th Century Club. I really, really love that place, but we shoot there so rarely. I think it's because you can't just have your wedding there, but have to be sponsored by someone who is a member, so it's a little harder to get in, but if I could shoot in that garden every day, I don't think I'd get tired of it.
No kiddin, huh? The club is a FANTASTIC place to shoot. Great wedding day staff. A plus. Also, A plus on this shot, hon.
Thanks :) Luckily, it was a stunningly beautiful day, so they got to have their cocktail hour in the gardens = major win.
And then it was party time!
T + D also rocked out the mini photo studio for their reception. We just got an email from her saying she hoped we weren't too traumatized by some of the shots :) But your guests clearly had a lot of fun (also, some alcohol :), so no trauma! So, here are some of our favs from the booth (and you can play spot the photogs if you'd bored at work today, because even we can't not jump in!). Guys, thanks so much for having us with you on your amazing, amazing day. You were so much fun to shoot, and we were so thrilled we got to be there for your day.

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