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July 26, 2011  -  Engagements

jenn + bob

At one point, I really wanted for Rich and I to apply for the Amazing Race. Travel all over the world! Compete in ridiculous challenges! Be in an epic race! I thought it sounded like the greatest idea ever. So, when I brought it up to Rich, and he immediately said "no," I was kind of floored. He said with my epic direction skills, along with the stress of trying to win a race (we're both a little competitive), we'd end up divorced by the end of the first challenge.

That took me aback. I mean, my direction skills aren't THAT bad. Sure, most times when I'm the navigator and Rich is driving, he finds out about a turn as we're driving passed the road. I once navigated myself to my dad's new house in West Virginia, only after four hours of driving when I was supposed to be there, I found myself on the complete opposite end of the state. But really, divorce-worthy?

Well, after Jenn + Bob's e-shoot was supposed to start, and I'd directed them to completely the wrong spot, I must've talked to Bob four times on the phone, each time giving him completely wrong directions to where we were. So, when they arrived after dealing with my awful-ness, all I could think was, these two are going to divorce me! Luckily they didn't quit us on the spot and stuck around for their shoot, because I'm totally smitten with these shots.
Yeah, you trying to talk them in to the parking lot we wanted to start from was a hot mess. Luckily it's not like they weren't on a mid-deployment furlough FROM AFGHANISTAN and had a ton of time, right?

And it's honestly not on you that the Amazing Race featuring Rich and Alyssa would have been amazingly entertaining in a can't-look-away-from-the-horrific-29-car-pile-up-on-the-interstate kind of way. I'm one of the most stubborn and quick-tempered people on the planet and while I'm good with directions, I probably would have ended up with us as the couple starring in both Amazing Race and Locked Up Abroad simultaneously. One of my good friends in college once theorized I could get the Pope to fight me if we were locked in a room together for longer than five minutes. But that was then, I've mellowed a little with time :).

This shoot was a lot of fun. I'd been looking forward to this since Jenn first called me from Germany right before they deployed. Couple of kids both in the military? Check and please. We know exactly where you guys are coming from. It's a hell of a rewarding life, but it's also an unbelievable amount of stress and a lot of times the service comes before family - and it takes a special couple to make that work.
Rich just goes, "if what I wrote was hokey, go ahead and delete it." But it's true - it's hard to be deployed and still maintain your life as a couple. Even harder? Planning a wedding from Afghanistan. Yeah... I can't even begin to imagine!

We heard that there may be some Brides magazines in a hooch over in the stan. If anything, it gives you something awesome to look forward to when you get home. Having a positive goal is a must while you're deployed.

And you guys look great together. Just great.
Guys - thank you so much for taking some of your precious time at home to drive around wondering where the hell your photographers were and then hanging out with us for the evening. You guys were absolutely amazing to shoot, and we can't wait to do it again. It was awesome meeting you - we hope you had a fun break, enjoyed sailing and seeing your families, and we'll see you next year!

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