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November 17, 2011  -  Weddings

tricia + jack

I'll be honest - I had a really hard time putting this blog post together. Partially because the open box of Girl Scout Cookies next to me I'm currently gorging myself on (damn you, Girl Scouts and your delicious cookies!) is severely distracting, but also because Tricia is the kind of girl whose smile, as cliche as it is, totally lights up a room, and I really just wanted to put every photo of her laughing in this post. And she kind of laughs all the time. But it was a little too long, and I think I've finally got it down to a reasonable number of photos :)

Anyway, I LOVE a happy bride (but all ours are - we have the best ones!!!), and even when her mom was still not dressed an hour before the ceremony because she was busy sewing one of the bridesmaids' dresses so it wouldn't fall off her (seriously, how amazing a mom is that?!), she was just like, "I can't let it bother me." And that's just how awesome the day was. Love it!!
Seriously amazing :). And to the point about Tricia, I was talking earlier to another photographer about how looking at photos of all these fun, happy people leaves you with with this great rush of happiness whenever you're editing. I spent the past few days with all these images doing our post-processing routine, and I swear my days have been so much better for it. We can say all this cliche stuff about how someone's smile "lights up a room" or is "totally infectious" but you just can't be around Tricia and have a bad time. Seriously - try it, Tricia will make your day better.

You're alright too, Jack. We think you're pretty awesome.
... though I do suppose there's always the possibility Tricia couldn't stop smiling because she lost feeling in her lips :) (she tried the lip venom for the first time that day - I once drank Habu Sake and it's safe to say I won't mess with venom again. It was definitely not awesome.)
Hah! I totally forgot about the lip venom stuff. Hey - you totally didn't realize you put yourself on the blog, did you? If you were a wedding superhero, you'd be "The Bustler," amirite?
It's definitely possible :) No - I didn't see myself in that one until I'd chosen it - I just liked the windows, but it's definitely a little more awesome with that almost rockstar-like back-of-head there :)
Do I love fall? Yes, yes I do.

One of the most awesome things about weddings this time of year is that portrait time is during some pretty awesome light, and we always dork out for some golden hour, but we usually only get it when we're in control of the time we're shooting (during portrait sessions or eshoots), so when we get this one month where it gels with wedding portrait time? That's a win!
An even bigger win was this location - thanks, Tricia :).
I love this top shot of yours, babe. It's my fave of yours!
Thank you! You see? That was the tree I wanted to walk over too, and it was worth it - I told you it would be :). It was great to get back to Fox Valley for the reception, we haven't been there for a while. Shout out to our super-talented former bride Alyson, who is a hell of a graphic designer. You need invitations? Place cards? Check her stuff out - she's good.

This reception had such a good vibe. Some rooms are just like that when you fill them with good people. We had a good reception and the studio box was going strong, so stand by for a ton of reception photos :).
Guys, our littlest one needs some mom attention, so Alyssa is checking out for the evening and leaving the post to me to wrap up. I just want to say a big, heartfelt, "Thank you" to everyone involved with the wedding. We couldn't have asked for a better, more fun wedding day to spend with Tricia and Jack. And as for you guys, thank you so much for trusting us and getting into what we do. You are a GREAT couple and you're going to have a long, awesome marriage. We'll be in touch soon :)

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