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July 1, 2012  -  Weddings

rachel + matt

So, normally I start off a blog post with a portrait of our couple as a kind-of, hey-let's-introduce-the-bride-and-groom thing before we jump right into the wedding photos, but I put together the post today completely oblivious to the fact that I'd failed to select a portrait for the top. My bad - so, we're going to jump right into things today :)

I almost don't want to say anything and curse us, but, so far, this summer has been one of the coolest (slang, not literal) summers we've ever had the pleasure of shooting. We're just so lucky to have these consistently amazing people to shoot, and Rachel + Matt were certainly no exception - they had a ridiculously fun group of people surrounding them, and it was one of the most relaxed days we've ever photographed. Gah - I keep trying to write this intro without talking about the reception, which is what I end up mentioning, then deleting, then trying to figure out how to say what I want to say without saying what I should say later in the post when we're actually at the reception. So, to sum up, I didn't grab a portrait at the top of the blog, and I'm incapable of writing what I want to say here, and I'm just going to stop writing so you can hopefully save my epic fail of paragraphs.
Hah, no worries :). I can talk about all sort of things here. For one thing, I am super happy not only because we're blogging Rachel and Matt right now and I've been waiting to talk about that, but I'm also FINALLY in a new freaking computer chair. You know how you just do something and do something and keep doing it because it's what's there and you don't even think about it anymore? I've been editing in a 25-dollar-bought-at-BJs office chair for four freaking years. I finally snapped last week after more than a year of being rebuffed from buying an "ugly office chair" by the other person who blogs here (who, incidentally internet, wanted to buy some ridiculous yoga-inspired "kneeling chair" to work from) and bought a nice, new one for the mac pro station. My lower vertebrae and connective tissue would so high-five me right now if they could, even though I just put it through four straight days of shooting.

But I digress, because you guys probably want me to shut up and get to some portraits or killer reception shots. So let's do that, with this couple. It's pretty obvious that they're the most likable people in whatever room they're in. I like them times a milliontybillion, and I just got to shoot them all day.
1. The ridiculous yoga-inspired kneeling chair is only ridiculous if you don't like Firefly. If you do, then you're like, Hey! That's the chair River is in at school in Serenity! That would look awesome in my office!

2. The reception!! Yay!!! Okay, so we'd never been to a reception like Rachel + Matt's. In hindsight, it was obvious during cocktail hour, but it didn't fully hit us until the dancing and hanging out part of the evening, but this incredibly relaxed day was in part because it was not formal. I mean, it was formal in the it's-a-wedding sense, but it was not formal in that everyone knew each other. Usually, you have small groups of people at the reception that hang out with each other, because many people don't know each other, but R + M have been together for a while, pretty much everyone knew each other, and it was almost like you were hanging out at a bar you're a regular in. Not in a people-were-hammered way, but in that way that everyone migrates and talks to each other and just hangs out having a ton of fun in a big, collective way. They skipped introductions so cocktail hour just kind of merged into the reception, and it was exactly how you imagine a casual outdoor reception to be. It really was perfect.
Perfect description, Alyssa. It really was different in that intangible way and there were about a million little, personal touches. From the custom logos of Rachel, Matt and Wake the Golden (who appears above in Rachel's dad's car in one of my favorite shots of all time but somehow did not get his bow tie into the blog post - some stuff just doesn't fit - don't worry, he'll be glorious in the full gallery) to the calendar Rachel asked everyone to jot their birthday in like a guest book, to the custom Rachel and Matt-inspired mad libs on the tables, etc, it was all right along with Rachel and Matt's style as a couple and how they wanted their day to run.

Oh, this is Crag Burn Golf Course, by the way. It was our first time there and it's pretty wild. The former stables is where they hold part of cocktail hour (there's also a massive patio) and you can put things in the various stalls like the gift table or candy bar or treat-yourself-whenever cupcake table or whatever - it looked awesome.

Let's do some more happiness in the photos...
And if you're having a totally chill outdoor wedding on a hot summer day, what is more perfect than having an ice cream truck show up? I'm pretty sure absolutely nothing. Also pretty spectacular? The guests allowing Rachel to watch Matt's dance with his mom. It's surprising how often we see people go up to the bride while she's trying to watch to snap photos together, and, although it happens frequently, it always surprises me that people don't let a bride have those three minutes to watch her husband's dance. Just further proof that R+M's family and friends are just spectacularly cool people.

Guys - it was such a fun day, and we were so lucky to be the ones you had tag along. You're awesome. Thanks. :)

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