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July 12, 2013  -  Weddings

kaycee + jeff

We are at the start of one of our most favorite weekends in Buffalo - the Taste weekend! To be fair, we've actually skipped a few years lately, since the crowds have gotten a little insane, but we plan on sneaking away from our editing for a few bites to eat this weekend. So, in honor of a fantastic eating event, I thought I'd post some shots from another fantastic eating event - Kaycee + Jeff's wedding.

Their wedding was a first for us - a dessert reception! It was seriously awesome. They had a very intimate day, and then a small reception - no dancing or DJ or the like - just some delicious-looking (and I'm sure equally delicious-tasting!) desserts that Kaycee's mom made and Kaycee + Jeff's friend decorated. And I thought that was amazing. For all the ways people incorporate themselves into receptions, most receptions do follow a very typical format, so it was really neat to be a part of an atypical wedding reception. The only negative was that we weren't guests, because Kaycee's mom clearly has some mad baking skills, and I was definitely jealous of the guests!

But we always love it when a couple does something more "them." Because not everyone is a dinner-and-dance-party couple, so it's cool when a couple can incorporate their personalities into a wedding by rethinking what is possible from their day.

Also, dessert and desert. Argh. I'm sure at least one typo will occur in this post where you're gonna be like, "what is she talking about? There are no deserts in these photos!"
It certainly doesn't hurt AT ALL that Kaycee is a photographer and stylish and adorable. It's always a good reminder that weddings can be simple and practical and entirely your own.
Yes! AND I can't even begin to explain how awesome it is to get to photograph another photographer. It's an incredible honor that anyone would trust you to capture their day, but it's even extra honor-y when another photog chooses you. That's cool, right? I can just add "y"s to words and make new words, yes? Yes.
Rich Mattingly. Wildlife photographer extraordinaire!

(But for real, deer! Squee!)
Alyssa Mattingly, grammatically correct-y. Or maybe "-ish."

So, as you can see, Jeff and Kaycee did a first look. I just want to take a quick second to address the main concern I've heard from couples about them, even when they might be a good idea do to time constraints on the wedding day - namely, that it takes away from what it's like to see your future spouse for the first time at the start of the ceremony. I dunno, I think the photos below speak for themselves on that point. Sometimes it fits your day and sometimes it doesn't, but over the years of us doing this and shooting these, the last thing I've ever thought is that it somehow diminished what it feels like to stand up in front of family and friends and make that promise.

Agreed - and I also get that it can be hard to fathom that - that seeing your future spouse before the wedding doesn't take away from seeing your future spouse at the start of the ceremony, because it does seem illogical. But we've been seeing more and more first looks here, and every time, I overhear someone say, "I'm so glad we did it this way."

We always say there is no right way to do a wedding - the way YOU want to do it is the right way, and we'd never push people into a first look, but it does help dramatically in certain situations. I think maybe we should see if some of our couples who have done them would be interested in writing a bit about how they felt before, during and after their decisions to do them. Maybe hearing about it, not from the photographers, but from other couples would be of interest to those contemplating it?
Or, hell, maybe you're right - the pictures do kind-of tell how they felt about the ceremony after their first look, huh? :)
Most definitely. The dessert reception was at the Cobblestone house at Mendon Ponds Park. Suuuper cool location to do this. Kaycee and Jeff had a polaroid-style guestbook and everyone hung out and just relaxed for a bit.
There's really nothing else to say other than it was lovely. I know we're always, lalala, we love our job, tra lalalalala! But seriously, I am always amazed at the kind, generous, lovely people we meet. Our lives are truly better because of the people we get to meet. It's the coolest.
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